The Introduction: Calder


Interesting silhouettes, natural fabrics, made in California with relatively approachable pricing – Calder is the type of collection I’m always happy to find.

Add in a look book shot by (designer Amanda Blake’s cousin-in-law!) Sofia Coppola at her New York apartment and┬ástockists including Steven Alan, Ten Over Six, and Bird and you have what I’m guessing will ┬ábe the next big tee shirt line. My personal (albeit boring) favorite is the stripe rampling tee, but I’d be happy to wear that short sleeve sweatshirt as well…

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2 thoughts on “The Introduction: Calder

  1. Lovely line, but I’m sorry, $114 for a t-shirt is not “relatively approachable pricing.” It’s just not.

    1. BAnne – that’s fair. Admittedly I was referring to the $70-80 tees that I first noticed, and I do agree that $100+ can be hard to swallow. However, from a brand positioning perspective, I’d still guess that these are better quality and better priced than the $100+ made in China rayon tees similar contemporary brands offer – and they are 100% made domestically using natural materials. Regardless, thank you for the comment and for keeping me in line! xR

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