The Introduction: WorkOf

A few months ago I noticed that many of my favorite New York makers were collaborating on something called the WorkOf Apartment as a part of Design Week… the Apartment looked amazing (more images here) and was a true collaborative effort that allowed designers to showcase exclusive and new work.

I spoke to WorkOf founders John Neamonitis and Charlie Miner to learn more about their work – the goal of WorkOf is to build a comprehensive platform of independent, locally made design that simplifies the process for both the customer and the designer. John and Charlie were frustrated with the purchasing process – they saw incredible design at design shows and throughout the city, but there wasn’t a centralized site to buy the products they wanted. They wanted to be able to shop an alternative furniture store – one focused on products that were original, authentic and ethical – so they created it.


While the platform itself is impressive, what makes WorkOf special is the focus on community. John and Charlie have a deep respect and empathy for makers and designers, and are building their platform with the goal of supporting, educating, and helping makers as they grow their business. As you speak to them and read through their blog, their passion for their work and for the designers they work with is obvious and appealing. Currently WorkOf is focused on New York designers and makers, but they plan to expand to the West Coast this year… one to watch, for sure!


John and Charlie

Images c/o WorkOf. Follow along:

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