The Edit : Capital Eyewear Acetate Sunglasses


There are few things I like more than a good pair of sunglasses – with the key word being good.

I’ve been a fan of Steven Kilzer’s handcrafted wooden sunglasses, Capital Eyewear, for a few years and when I met with him in January, he told me he was (finally!) working on an acetate line (plastic, for the lay-people reading). I love the wood glasses… but the acetate are just what I’ve been looking for. The price is incredible (right on par with the low quality, mass-produced in China brand everyone else you know is wearing) and the fit is amazing – Steven doesn’t release product until he is positive that the fit is perfect and adds elements to the design to allow for custom fit adjustments.

These sunglasses are handmade in San Francisco with Italian and Japanese acetate (in my past life, I sourced plastic goods – trust me, this is the best of the best) and Carl Zeiss lenses. Steven is committed to sharing his process, check out the site for more on how the glasses are made.

I know a lot of people are hesitant to spend money on sunglasses because of the fear of losing them. But once you buy a pair that is well made and fits well, you take care of them – and you don’t lose them. You love them too much for that to happen. If you’ve been looking for a new pair, you can’t go wrong with Capital Eyewear. (I’m loving the Morgan and the Forrest in Crystal Clear!)

Capital Eyewear is on the TAE A-list. For more, check out the previous TAE feature and follow along:

4 thoughts on “The Edit : Capital Eyewear Acetate Sunglasses

  1. Definitely adding these to my never ending “buy now list”! I think expensive sunglasses are just like expensive umbrellas – if you spend more than $10 on them you notice where you leave them and surprisingly they don’t get lost very often.

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