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american made jewelry

I’ve always loved jewelry. I spent hours in Claire’s as a kid (sorry, mom!), fell deep into the beaded + string jewelry phase, and even took metal smithing + stone setting classes in high school. My love could be innate (my 18 month old niece already loves to accessorize!), or it could be a product of the hours I spent watching and helping my mom pick out the perfect pieces while growing up.

Although my taste has changed over the years, I’ve never been one to have a huge collection- I stick to a few pieces and wear them over and over. I feel naked without my constants: a watch, my rings, and a few bracelets, and I swap out my favorite earrings and necklaces each season.¬†Something about jewelry makes it feel more personal than anything else I wear, so I like my pieces to reflect that.¬†I can’t add jewelry to my list of items that should always be bought in America, because I love finding unique pieces when I travel, but I believe that jewelry should always be special, and ideally hand-made.

Some of my current American made jewelry favorites… I own everything on the bottom row and wear the bracelets and rings daily. I’ve been wearing the earrings most days (alternating with these) and am debating which of these three necklaces to add to my collection this season… which one do you like best?!

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