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One of the best aspects of TAE are the amazing and inspiring people I am so fortunate to meet along the way… I met Maddy Furlong through Lisa Hackwith – Maddy works with Lisa on HDH and is a talented designer, stylist, photographer, AND the blogger at Wide Eyed Legless. Girl’s busy. But she has incredible taste. and I’m so excited to share her favorites with you today!

No. 1: Hackwith Design House

But of course. No one does rompers better than Lisa- and I love me a good romper!

No. 2: BRYR Clogs

CLOGS- need I say more? Plus made in MN!

No. 3: Wilder Magazine

Caylon and I spend so much time outdoors- foraging, gardening, etc. This magazine has been so helpful, plus it is so beautiful!

No. 4: Black Crane Clothing

I love beautiful made clothing, and all of Black Cranes pieces are so simple and elegant- they truly can become staples in your wardrobe for years to come! Plus this husband/wife duo is all about sustainable design and hand woven textiles (dream come true) Made in LA

No. 5: Jujumade bag

I dont own this bag but having been seriously lusting for it for some time now! Made in LA

No. 6: MCMC Fragrances

I love the Noble perfume- it has just the loveliest, fresh scent, and I love how the companies goal is for their fragrences to evooke memories! Made in Brooklyn

No. 7: Imogene & Willie Candle

I love most things Imogene and Willie! And I die for the packaging of this candle- you can reuse that jar for everything!

Thanks, Maddy!

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