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My friend Nadia is an incredibly talented designer – she designed everyone’s favorite Minneapolis boutique, Mille, and worked with Commune in LA on projects including the Ace in Palm Springs and Heath Ceramics in LA. When I eventually own a house, there’s no question that Nadia will be who I turn to for all of my design needs. But – interior design can be expensive and time consuming, and, unfortunately, there is only so much of Nadia to go around – she can’t help everyone who comes her way. Brilliant business woman that she is (seriously, I’m so lucky to have met so many incredible entrepreneurs over the last few years!), Nadia has come up with a solution that will help everyone benefit from her design skills – the ID-book, launching today!

Described as a “A personalized guide book to your perfect space, a stylish alternative to E-design,” the ID-book is a simple, affordable, stylish, utilitarian guidebook, tailored to your space.
ID-book was created to give YOU the ability to achieve a designer space without retaining a full-service interior designer. With a fixed price, Nadia will work out the design details while you do the legwork.

I’ve played around with the ID-Book over the last few weeks- it’s awesome. It would have made all of my most recent moves so much easier. And all of my previous homes so much better. If you are in need of some design assistance, I cannot recommend Nadia highly enough!

Nadia is also an avid proponent of American made throughout her work… so I asked her to share some favorites with us. Read on for more from Nadia – and the most amazing ping pong table I’ve ever seen!

I believe America is the great innovator. Americans are inherently risk takers, we have all (either due to our ancestors or ourselves) landed here, and it is, and has always been a pretty wild place… I have a deep respect for risk takers (not only because I come from a long line of them) but because they’re always searching for something greater.

I’m always excited to discover people and companies that manufacture and design in the U.S. When I can create a direct relationship with the innovators: the craftspeople and designers; I get to know their process, the time and work that goes into making a piece of furniture, a light fixture, wallpaper, textiles, etc., it makes me a better designer.

Ultimately, I want to work with people and companies that are risk takers who are always searching for something greater, that are innovative, and who are proud of their goods.

Lake August Wallpaper | Commune Design V-lite | Seawall coffee table | Ping Pong table

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