nsf clothing made in la

I was perusing Barneys yesterday (as one does – and as you should – there are some incredible things on sale right now!) and came across these amazing jeans… I’ve been searching for the right pair of skinny + slouchy + distressed white jeans and now I’m dreaming about being able to pull these off (which, unfortunately, is unlikely).

The jeans are NSF – which also happens to be the brand behind this tee that I picked up during a sale a few months ago and have been wearing constantly. Definitely a brand to watch!

About NSF:
“Our approach to denim has been to design what we love without worrying about whether or not it was going to be accepted. Our denim is classic, straightforward, with a little bit of dirt and a sexy tomboy slouchy straight fit. Every pair of jeans is made in Los Angeles, with hand executed washes, some with 15-20 steps each. Our approach to quality craftsmanship and authentic denim washes stands out.”
– Jamie Haller, NSF Creative Director and designer


What do you think?

  1. OH my gosh…I love all of this. Checking NSF out ASAP!

    • TheAmericanEdit |

      Let me know if you try any jeans! Thanks sarah!