The Uniform: White T-shirts


This summer, I realized that I was reaching for my white crew neck far more frequently than the gray v-neck I’ve lived in over the last few years. When I looked around, I realized that I was in good company – all of my friends seemed to have made the switch as well.

I have a bit of a problem, and have tried them all… here’s what I look for in a t-shirt:
1. Texture – the fabric has to be soft and thin, but not so thin that it snags on jewelry, random corners, zippers, etc.
2. Opaque – I’m not interested in overly sheer t-shirts. Too much work!
3. Pre-shrunk – while I do hang dry, I’ll eventually miss something, so I look for shirts that won’t shrink too much when they inevitably end up in the dryer.
4. American made (duh).

There will always be a place for a well cut v-neck, but change is good. Some of my favorites, all under $100, because while I can justify spending money on something you can wear every day, I’m also clumsy, and red wine, coffee, and pen marks are the bane of a white tee’s existence.

1. Zady Linen Jersey T-Shirt
2. American Apparel organic Women’s Jersey tee
3. Cotton Citizen Classic Crew
4. Current/Elliott Petit tee
5. Reformation George tee
6. Frame le Boyfriend tee

A few other options: classic, hemp (an interview with the founder coming soon!), cropped and distressed.

Graphics for The American Edit by Rebeccah Erickson

The Introduction: Almond Women by Heather Heron

I’m slightly afraid of open water and am not what anyone would call a strong swimmer. Needless to say, I don’t surf.

But I really, really wish I did. I’ve always been more than a little obsessed with the idea of surfing and with surf culture (and with Blue Crush, if I’m being honest!). I think surf lessons are a must on my life list, but in the meanwhile, I’ll just try to compensate by dressing the part.


My current obsession is Almond Women’s collection designed by LA-based designer Heather Heron. The gorgeous line is made in California and consists of (blue, white, and grey) pieces that would look equally amazing off of the beach (even in the good old Midwest!). I want it all. Particularly the Shibori Pullover, Spirit of the Sea Sweatshirt, Shibori Silk Cape, and the Bayside Chambray Pants.


I happened to notice a discount code on the Almond blog – which is filled with incredible photos – so I suggest you check it out!

American Made Swimwear

Swimsuit shopping is absolutely my least favorite thing to do…the only good thing is that American made swimwear is readily available – and also pretty fantastic.

Curious as to why swimwear is made domestically? I asked around and learned:
– Special sewing machines are needed to handle typical swim fabrics (Spandex, Lycra) – these machines are still commonly available in the US which leads to more production capacity.
– The traditional swimwear season is quite short. Brands have no option but to manufacturing during peak production times, which can drive up manufacturing costs and limit traditional manufacturing discounts. Similarly, the brief amount of in-store time gives designers less time to react to sales and reorder from overseas manufacturers; domestic production allows brands to maintain consistent inventory levels and drive sales.

My swimsuit shopping rules: 1. Order online (from a retailer with a good return policy!) 2. Order multiple sizes 3. Try on in the morning, ideally following a great workout (and shower!) 4. Start with the largest size first! 5. Be nice to yourself! (Your body is far more valuable than a clothes hanger.)

My favorites:




Happy shopping!

[image, graphics by TAE]

The Introduction: Objects Without Meaning x Need Supply

I’ve fallen a little in love with Objects Without Meaning over on Need Supply. The black, white and grey collection is simple yet considered – these are pieces that you could wear again and again. My personal favorites are above but OWM has also created some exclusive travel pieces for Need Supply’s Go Explore Collection – and the black & white palm print is pretty rad.

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that there are few things I love more than travel… Along with this exclusive collection, Need Supply also has some awesome summer city guides available on the site (including TAE favorites Clare Vivier & Diana Moss!) and is hosting an Instagram contest – through the end of the month, tag your travel adventures #goexplorenow for a chance to win an Artifact Uprising book (another TAE favorite!) and a $1500 Need Supply gift card. I don’t typically share brand contests on here, but I happen to be headed to the beach this weekend and I know I’ll be tagging my ‘grams, so I figured I should let you in on the fun – I hope you join me!

[lifestyle images by Stella Berkofsky, all images via Need Supply]